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LG 43inch Smart HD TV

43 Inch Smart TV LED Full HD TV With Built-In HD Receiver ENERGY STAR Qualified


Get a flawless, immersive, and captivating viewing experience from the comfort of your home with the LG 43 Inch Smart LED Full HD TV with Built-in HD Receiver. Whether you are looking for clarity, immersive sounds, beautiful gaming experience, or else, the 43-inch LG TV has it covered. The 43-inch display delivers an astounding 1920x1080pixel resolution, which guarantees you are taken on a journey of colors and clarity every time you power the TV on. The LED Full HD TV comes with a Built-in HD receiver, therefore, the HD experience is virtually limitless. Whether you watching your favorite TV show, streaming online content, playing a game, or watching your favorite movie, the HD experience will arrest your senses at every scene. Completed with the Energy Star Qualified technology, 2 HDMI ports, and 1 USB port, this TV will upgrade your watching experience.