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LG 49inch Smart 4K (49UK6300)


The LG Smart TV is a result of intelligent engineering. It delivers an unbelievable visual performance that elevates your viewing experience to a great extent. This TV has a massive 49inch screen that features Ultra HD display so that everything you watch on TV looks nothing less than realistic. This LG 4k TV is powered by a Quad Core Picture Master processor that is engineered to not only optimize the sharpness of a picture but also scales down the noise distortion in a picture to make it look clean and crisp. In addition to it, this processor also makes low-resolution images level up to be at par with 4k quality. Thanks to the IPS technology integrated into this TV, you are bound to see incredible bright and clear images even from extreme angles. This LG 49inch TV is also embedded with HDR technology and also extends support to multiple HDR formats so that the picture looks incredibly realistic. Furthermore, this LG 4k smart TV also features DTS VirtualX technology that delivers an outstanding surround sound experience and redefines the way you listen to the TV audio. Moreover, this LG TV runs on webOS. It has Magic Remote Control and Magic Link features that let you choose your favorite program in no time so that you do not miss to watch even a small bit of it. When it comes to design, the sleek and slim build of this LG TV never ceases to amaze you with its elegant black finish.